Thursday, September 15, 2011

YES, YOU CAN come to the PE4life Resource Conference!

Want to attend the PE4life Resource Conference?
Not enough money in your school budget?
Administration won’t allow for time off?

We know times are tough. Schools are facing small to non-existing budgets and some schools are even closing their doors. No surprise that PE continues to take hits – and now professional development opportunities are squelched.

Don’t fret! There are things working in our favor. Childhood obesity is a HOT topic! Everyone, including the First Lady, is jumping on the childhood obesity bandwagon. Brain Research – linking physical activity to academic achievement – is continually evolving and validating our jobs. We’ve all known the value of quality physical education for some time and now it seems that others are finally starting to get it! Take advantage of this – these trending topics can be used to help get you to the PE4life Resource Conference!

Wait, there’s more good news – people actually want to help! Local businesses, foundations and concerned citizens are all looking for ways to contribute. Sponsoring your attendance at the PE4life Resource Conference is a perfect way to do so. We’ve compiled some basic information to help get you there.

When approaching a potential sponsor, whether in writing, over the phone or in person – use the following information to state your best case for needing support and how you plan to use their support to make a difference.

What Attendees Receive:
Attendees of the PE4life Resource Conference will receive two full days of professional development and learning opportunities from nationally-renowned industry leaders who get programmatic results. Speakers at the PE4life Resource Conference have quality, cutting edge programs that see positive impacts in students’ physical health and improvements in student learning. Participants at PE4life events are forward thinking and ready to embrace a new way of teaching physical education. This event is a networking and brainstorming opportunity for like-minded professionals. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet with equipment and program vendors who offer quality, innovative and technologically advanced equipment at discounted prices for event participants.

A list of breakout sessions can be found here. Consider mentioning those that may appeal to a particular funder.

What will the Sponsor Receive:
Your sponsor will want recognition for supporting your school/program and for being a good corporate citizen. They will also want to know that their money is going to go towards something that will make an impact.
  • Be sure to alert your local media/newspaper of the champion sponsor and their commitment to bettering your program.
  • Invite the Sponsor to see your program in action upon returning from the event (take pictures and inform the media)!
  • Share your success story with us so we can give them a shout out on our website, blog or through social media!

Funding Needed:
Consider the cost of
registration fees, travel (airline, local transportation, hotel, meals) and substitute teacher fees.

Who to approach:
Think of those in your community who share an interest and/or have a stake in the health and wellness of children. If you don’t have a personal contact, ask for someone in the Community Relations, Government Affairs or Marketing departments.

  • Community members / Businesses / Large employers (especially those whose employees’ children attend your school)
  • Local Hospitals
  • Fitness Centers
  • Local Insurance Agencies
  • School Vendors for food, sports equipment, etc.
  • Sporting Good Stores
  • Civic Organizations
  • Alumni or Booster Groups
  • Grocery Stores
  • Foundations – local or regional business or family foundations

** Don’t forget: Your attendance at the PE4life Resource Conference can be covered in full by PEP Grant funds! **

Additional details to enhance your proposal:

  • What are you hoping to accomplish by attending the PE4life Resource Conference?
  • What do you plan to do with the information you receive at the Resource Conference?
  • Have you attended a PE4life event before? If so, what did you take away from it?

Once you’ve secured your funding, don’t forget these important follow up steps!

  • Register for the event!
  • Alert your local media and tell them who are Champions for physical education!
  • Share your success with us! We want to know how you did it and your lessons learned.)
  • Tell us who is supporting physical education in your area. We want to give them a shout out!

Good luck! We hope to see you in October!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Robyn Bretzing: Keynote Speaker at 2011 Resource Conference

We are so excited to have Robyn Bretzing as Keynote Speaker at the Resource Conference this year!

Check out this article from Brigham Young University's McKay Today Magazine that highlights Robyn's teaching philosophy and what her program is all about.

"What is knowledge without health?" This question drives Robyn Bretzing, an award winning high school physical education instructor, to teach PE classes that include Mountain Biking, Pilates, Land Paddling, Bouldering, Kickboxing, Spinning - anything that promotes lifetime fitness - to her high school students. "My dream is that every student will leave my classroom with a passion for personal fitness and a desire to lead an active lifestyle. A lofty dream, but a dream worth pursuing and planning for every day I teach."

Robyn leads out in a physical education movement that aims to teach students traits and habits that will keep them active for life. Honors on the state and national level for teaching and coaching have put her in demand as a lecturer: Utah's AAHPERD Teacher of the Year 2007, SWD Teacher of the Year 2008, Alpine School District Golden Apple Award 2007, Addidas Region IV Coach of the Year 2004, and Utah Soccer Hall of Fame 2007.

Robyn is also changing professional expectations. She admits that in many places there are not any expectations for PE teachers. Principals are content as long as kids are out of the halls and in the gym. Robyn labels this perception as "sad" and advises other PE teachers, "You are the only one who has to take pride in what you do - and you have to exceed expectations, because PE expectations for the most part are very minimal."
It is clear that Robyn's passion is to educate students for a lifetime by providing a curriculum that keeps the whole class moving and having fun while at the same time learning to think about fitness and its effect on health. Her purpose is to make a difference in students lives now and 30 years from now. Robyn concludes, "I tell my kids that if there is one subject they will use for life, PE is it!"

To read the entire article on Robyn's program at Timpanogos High School, go to:

Learn more about Robyn's Keynote Presentation at the Resource Conference.

About Robyn
After years of research and revision, Robyn has developed one of the most progressive PE programs in the country. She has been asked to present at UAPHERD, SWD and Central District Conventions and continues to travel the country presenting and inspiring teachers to push the limits in PE and design curriculum relevant to current fitness trends.

Robyn was named the UAHPERD and Southwest District Teacher of the Year in 2008 and is currently the Physical Education teacher at Timpanogos High School and the Alpine District PE Specialist.

The 2011 Resource Conference will be held on Oct. 10th and 11th in Overland Park, KS. Register now. See you there!

Friday, September 9, 2011

iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Apps for Use in Physical Education

Looking for the most useful iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/ apps to use in your PE class? Check out this list below. To download the list, click here. Also check out these websites for more information on technology use in education: and