Friday, November 13, 2009

Study deems PE4life an overall success!

The Titusville Area School District is well-known for the success it has had with the PE4Life program.

And proof that the physical education program results in better conditioning in the top two areas of general health was presented to school directors on Monday.

Dr. Randy Nichols, of Slippery Rock University, who was involved with a PE4Life study of students grades six through nine, said the purpose of the study was to determine if the PE4Life program has better overall results for its students versus students who participated in a traditional gym class.

Nichols, a former Titusville student, said the study compared Titusville with a “control” school of approximately the same size and student population. The study assessed students in areas including muscle fitness, flexibility and body composition.

He also said the study assessed students' nutritional choices, physical educational activities and levels of enjoyment of physical activities.

Although the results of the study showed the control school faring better in the area of flexibility, Nichols said the Titusville students who were surveyed showed higher significant improvements in cardio-vascular endurance and muscular strength and muscular endurance.

“When they think of the big picture, they think of cardio-vascular endurance and muscle strength and muscle endurance,” Nichols said. “These are the top two areas in which Titusville scored highest.”

Nichols also told school officials at the work session that Titusville students also had significantly higher activity levels than students of the control school.

According to Nichols, a major component of physical education class is movement. He noted that the Titusville students spend a significantly larger amount of time moving, than students in the regular phys ed classes.

“Titusville students engage in more physical activities outside of school,” Nichols said. “And youths in the Titusville area also make better nutritional choices.”

Nichols said the results of the study will be presented at a national conference in Indianapolis in March.

Nichols commented that although he has given presentations at many places, it was an honor to come back to Titusville.

By Tom Boyle, Titusville Herald
Monday, November 9, 2009 10:12 PM CST

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