Monday, December 13, 2010

Hazel Grove Elementary Invites KC Wolf to Speak to Students

Last week I had the opportunity to watch an assembly at Hazel Grove Elementary. Diana Moore, their fantastic PE teacher, worked in conjunction with the PTA to hold a fundraiser to raise money to bring the Kansas City Chief's mascot KC Wolf (aka Dan Meers) to the school.

When KC Wolf appeared, the kids went absolutely bananas! They couldn't get enough--he wiggled his hips and ran up and down the aisles interacting with the students. It quickly became apparent why Dan was perfectly qualified to talk to the students about the importance of exercise and healthy eating--this guy exudes HIGH energy (uh, not to mention the 40 lbs of fur he carries around). Even after he lost the wolf costume, Dan was still very entertaining. The kids were happy to sit and listen as he talked about Play 60, a program with the NFL that encourages children to get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day.

Hazel Grove Elementary School has approximately 500 students and is in an urban and a low socioeconomic setting. They attended a PE4life Introductory Workshop in the Spring of 2010 and are doing some pretty great things. Here Diana talks about the "walking club" she recently started:

"We started the walking club after the initial PE4life training. We wanted to jump start the kids' mornings by getting in a little exercise before they head to their classroom. Our PTA jumped on board and purchased bracelets for all the students who join the club. It is open for all the students and we walk every morning, outside weather permitting, or in the gym. We occasionally have parents and other teachers walking with us! One of the neat things is when parents tell me that their kids' behavior is better than before we had the walking club before school."

Have you ever brought in a mascot or other public figure to speak to your students?
Do you have a walking club?
Do you work closely with your PTA?

We love to heart stories of your successes (and challenges). Let us know what's going on in your school and maybe we'll put you on our blog!

If you're in the KC area and want KC Wolf to make an appearance at your school check him out here.

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