Friday, May 6, 2011

PE4life's Board Chairman Inducted into Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Jim Baugh, Board Chairman and founder of PE4life, for being inducted into the Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame this week! 

Check out Jim's impressive bio below or read the article in entirety. 

Jim Baugh
Wilson Sporting Goods Co.
Jim Baugh and the sport of tennis will forever be linked. Baugh’s passion for the sport was demonstrated in successes at Wilson Sporting Goods Co. and earlier in his career, at Prince Manufacturing. But tennis was just part of this energetic leader’s passion.

His vision for improving the health and fitness of American children became reality through PE4life. He also helped raise nearly $500 million in federal grants for schools through the Carol M. White Physical Education Program, known in the industry as the PEP Program.

After a brief stint as a sales rep for Converse, Baugh joined Prince (1977-83) during a time when that company ranked as the No. 1 tennis racquet brand in the U.S. He served as national sales manager and manager of dealer relations. As vice president of sales and marketing, Prince grew from $6 million to $60 million in sales.

Baugh joined Wilson in 1987 as general manager of Wilson Racquet Sports until 1996, when he was named president of Wilson Sporting Goods (1996-2003). At Wilson Racquet Sports, the company’s share jumped from 14% to more than 50%, and the company launched breakthrough technologies with three racquets and footwear.

As president, Baugh led a very profitable $1 billion global company. He developed a uniform branding and marketing approach for all divisions. He also served on the strategic board of Wilson’s parent company, Amer, overlooking Atomic, Suunto and recommending the acquisition of Precor.

While at Wilson, Baugh joined the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) board of directors, a position he still holds. It was through SGMA that PE4life was founded, dedicated to rebuilding quality physical education programs in our nation’s schools.

After leaving Wilson, Baugh served as president of the Tennis Industry Association and as a board member of the United States Tennis Association (USTA). He helped launch grassroots programs that turned around a decline in participation and saw a 23% increase in play occasions.

Baugh lives in Jupiter, Fla. and consults with various companies and associations in the sporting goods and leisure industry.

About the Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame
The Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame was created to honor the pioneers, innovators and leaders who built the sporting sporting goods industry and to help recognize and encourage excellence within the sporting goods industry. Many sporting goods retailers, dealers and manufacturers felt there was a need for leaders in the sporting goods industry to be recognized by their peers. To provide this recognition, the SPORTING GOODS INDUSTRY HALL OF FAME was created in 1955.

Jim joined other big names in the Hall of Fame from companies like NIKE, Inc.; Dick's Sporting Goods; Converse, Inc.; Cabela's and many others.

To learn more about the National Sporting Goods Association, click here. 

Congratulations, Jim!

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