Friday, March 9, 2012

Vital Step - Getting Administrator Buy-in

When you effectively demonstrate to administrators the benefits of quality physical education program, including evidence of improved academic performance, recruiting them as PE advocates becomes much easier. By showing how your vision can contribute to the overall school mission, you’ve begun to pave the way for implementation of your program. -- Excerpt from the PE4life Training Manual: Developing and Promoting Quality Physical Education

John Baker, physical education teacher at Hanawalt Elementary School in the Des Moines Public School District, is back to tell us how he engages his principal in his physical education class.

Tips for getting administrator support for your program:

  • Engage your administrator in conversation as often as possible.
  • Take time to educate your administrator on how quality physical education should look.
  • Show how your physical education program is important for the child’s health and ability to learn.
  • Have an open door policy with your administrators. Invite your them in to participate, not just during teacher evaluation time.

  • Mr. Baker’s Principal, Andrew Burg, describes his commitment to physical education as a viable part of their school.

    Hanawalt Elementary has been selected as PE4life Model Site. If interested in visiting this school and learning more from Mr. Baker or Mr. Burg, consider putting a team together to attend a PE4life Implementation Workshop.

    Here are some key resources for any administrator:

    Book: SPARK – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, by Dr. John Ratey
    As a physical educator I have been looking for 30 years for a book like this to validate my profession. Dr. Ratey's book justifies everything done in a quality PE class. Best of all he explains the effects of exercise on the brain in an easy to understand manner. This book should become the bible for all physical educators. All PE teachers should purchase this book and give it to their administrators and school board members. -- Review from Tim McCord, Titusville Area School District, Titusville, PA

    Purchase SPARK in the PE4life ProShop here.

    Data supporting physical education:
    Cooper Institute Study:
    Physically fit students more likely to do well in school; less likely to be disciplinary problems

    More information from The Cooper Institute found here.

    NASPE’s Superintendent and School Board Tool Kit

    NASPE's Key Points of Quality PE

    Overview of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Plan

    Most importantly, your administrator should take note that a quality PE Program includes PE4life's Core Principles:

  • Offer a variety of fitness, sport, leisure, and adventure activities to all students
  • Implement a K-12 standards-based curriculum
  • Provide a safe and encouraging learning environment
  • Utilize individual assessments
  • Incorporate current technology
  • Extend PE beyond the walls of the gymnasium
  • Ideally, be offered to every child every day
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