Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Amusement parks equal successful form of exercise!

I returned yesterday from a four day Disney excursion and upon waking this morning with aching muscles, came to the conclusion that there may not be a better form of exercise than spending a day or two at an amusement park (some bloggers report walking up to 15 miles at Disney World!). Not only are you walking for an entire day, which in itself would give you plenty of exercise, but there’s also a sort of aerobic aspect to dodging all the oversized strollers, overjoyed children, and frazzled parents.

Entirely coincide
ntal, I woke up this morning to an interesting Google Alert. In staying true to the high-energy atmosphere associated with their parks, Disney just released a press release announcing a new partnership with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign. Who better suited to tell kids to ‘eat healthy and exercise more’ than Hannah Montana and the other beloved Disney characters? Although there’s no doubt this partnership will likely have a direct effect on the childhood obesity epidemic, I have to wonder if we’ve seen the last of the chocolate covered frozen banana at Disney’s Magic Kingdom…

Moral of this story? If you’
re looking for a fun way to get active with your family AND if you love a good roller coaster, an amusement park is your ticket (no pun intended) to a fun-filled, active day! Plus, the kids won’t even know they’re getting a work out.

Check out this link to find a theme park near you!

9AM - Going strong!

5PM - Done!

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