Tuesday, February 9, 2010

PE4life Playlist

Get up and get moving with some of the PE4life team's favorite workout tunes!

We asked our team their favorite workout tunes - ya know, the ones that make you want to pick up the pace and get that heart pounding! Some didn't want to 'fess up and claim their faves, so here are the tunes we want played loud and proud. Take a brain break, crank up the volume, and MOVE!

See if you can guess which PE4lifer selected what song (leave your guess in the comment section)!

(note, some of these selections/lyrics may not be kid-friendly, so please use your discretion before playing them in a classroom.)

1 comment:

Shanna said...

Eye of the Tiger has to be a Jason Robinson pick. Hit Me With Your Best Shot/ Pat Benetar is prob a Brenda Van Lengen pick. Hella Good/ No Doubt has to be Carrie Gibson as we've discussed our love for that band. That's all I've got. The rest are a mystery.