Thursday, February 25, 2010

She's Got Game!

Excited to share that you can hear Brenda VanLengen every Friday afternoon on her new online radio program “She’s Got Game.”

Brenda is in her 15th season as a game analyst for women’s basketball and can be seen on national broadcasts on ESPN, Fox Sports Net and CBS College Sports. Listen to LIVE on as she covers women’s sports in the Kansas City area and beyond!

Brenda and her friends at PE4life celebrate her new endeavors!
(And, yes, that is a chocolate martini next to Brenda. If you're lucky, some day she might tell you the story that goes with it.)

Follow Brenda!
Facebook: BVonTV etc
Twitter: BrendaVanLengen

Join us in congratulating BV!

**UPDATE!** Beginning March 1st, "She's Got Game" will be live every Monday and Friday at 1:00pm CST!

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