Monday, March 15, 2010

Fed Up With Lunch

A school teacher is doing recon work in her school cafeteria, monitoring and consuming the food offered to students on a daily basis. Not only that, she is blogging about it!

Choosing to remain nameless, concealing her identity in fear of losing her job, this teacher was appalled at the lack of nutritious food offered in her school. Every day in 2010, she will walk through the lunch line, sit in the cafeteria and consume the same food available to students.

"I'm eating school lunch just like the kids to raise awareness about what students eat every day. My hope is that the US becomes more reflective about how the food children eat effects their well-being and success in school." - Fed Up With Lunch:  The School Lunch Project author

What looked sure to be an attack on lunch-ladies everywhere, this blog site has become a positive resource in providing links to organizations and schools who are doing it right, and also featuring guest blogs from other teachers who share their school lunch experience – good and bad!

To see what PE4life is doing to address nutrition in school, check out the Healthy Schools Partnership.

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Melanie said...

What an interesting idea!