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Great summary article of the PEP Grant!

What to Know About the Carol M. Whit PEP Grant by Ryan Frank in Education / K-12 Education

The so-called PEP Grant, given out by the Carol M. Whit Physical Education Program, is a federal grant that provides millions of dollars each year to various schools and community organizations, including those that are faith-based, in order to help them improve their physical education programs for K-12 students. An individual school or organization can receive $100,000 to $500,000 from the PEP grant, money that can be used for upgrading equipment, staff training, and physical fitness support programs.

Qualifying for the PEP Grant
A school or organization wishing to qualify for a 2010 PEP Grant has to demonstrate that it has designed and implemented a physical education program that meets state standards and does one or more of the following:

* Give students instruction in motor skills and physical activities that will enhance their mental, physical and social development.

* Provide fitness assessments and help improve student understanding of maintaining physical well-being.

* Give students opportunities for the development of social skills through physical activity.

* Instructs students in cognitive concepts that relate to physical fitness and that will help promote healthy lifestyles.

* Provide instruction on good nutrition and healthy eating habits.

* Give physical education teachers opportunities for professional development and help staying up to date with the latest trends and research in their field.

Federal Budget and the PEP Grant
The Obama Administration's proposal for the FY 2011 budget includes a plan to consolidate 38 educational programs into 11 new authorities, the purpose being to streamline the U.S. Department of Education. The Carol M. Whit PEP Grant would be consolidated with five other programs into a single authority that would be called "Successful, Safe and Healthy Students". The PEP grant will still be available, but the funding for and administration of it would fall under a new, consolidated authority. The good news is that under the proposed change, the "Successful, Safe and Healthy" students program would have a 2011 budget of $410 million, more than the current funds for all the individual programs combined. You can find information on applying for the PEP Grant here, at the NASPE website.

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